Steam Deals 23/12/2010

    loads of steam game deals really cheap in about 20 minutes (6pm)
    there will be a couple of good ones but mostly rubbish (you'll buy them anyway)

    thought i'd get in early to try and beat the people that sit there at 6 on the dot and post.

    if anyone posts a steam deal tonight it's a re-post of this.

    Hope you all get some good games to play over xmas!!

    ho ho ho…es/
    - Highway72


    i'm confused by this post....what is the point of it?
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    So any idea what the games are?


    silly, the OP is trying to get in 1st, but the deal is not up yet!!!!

    Ps3 for sale only £50...well wait 5 years and get it, thought I would get in 1st, so any PS3 deal is a re-post of this one!!


    Moved to misc due the sub zero temp and the fact that there is no 'deal' info posted just a heads up about when to check thanks .

    its a pointless post. from someone sounding a bit sour lighten up its christmas !

    Original Poster

    I just wanted to let everyone know there was a sale on!!

    not bitter, just gets boring at 6:01 everynight seeing the steam deals, thought someone might feel the same and find this funny. oh well. 6:00 now though - BRING ON THE DEALS!!

    Original Poster

    no ones posted any steam deals tonight because they are all a bit rubbish! oh well.


    Moved to misc due the sub zero temp and the fact that there is no 'deal'.

    ^^ Quality

    what is steam? explain please... do they accept paypal?

    I add the daily updates every day around 6pm GMT to my forum...…es/
    or you can check steam site.
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    what is steam? explain please... do they accept paypal?

    Yes Paypal and most debit and credit cards.

    Steam is basically a digital download of games (with intergrated chatting features) all you buy is the serial etc and steam installs the game by downloading to your computer and auto updates as needed, the install serials are saved into the account so you can redownload without hassles if you formatted the PC, ok you don't get a boxed copy but the savings are often very good during sale times. just remember needs a active internet connection so crap if you on unlucky enough to have a internet package that limits downloads with stupid caps (such as BT do, something like 20-30gig a month).
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