Posted 17th Oct 2022
Anyone here got one? What's been the cheapest way to get one. Is steampowered the only place to get one? What about getting vouchers with a slight reduced rate?
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    I don't have one but been looking into one. From what i've gathered buying the cheapest one is the best bet. The anti glare screen isn't really worth it and you can easily expand memory with a memory card.
    I'm really into the indie games. So I want something I can chill on the sofa and using the Dock or a cable to put onto the screen. I know the cheapest one is £350 which seems like a good deal. However I'm a tight fisted git and don't want to pay full price.
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    Wait till the next round of monese vouchers and buy one at 15-20% off

    That's my plan (edited)
    Just reading into the monese vouchers and its history. I dont have an account but I assume I need to have an account and then when the promo comes on I can buy vouchers / credit and should get the 15 / 20% discount?
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    I got mine at the beginning of August, and I can honestly say it's worth every penny. I got the 256gb and paid the standard price. At the time the preorders were still running, so I only had a few days to pay. I didn't want to wait for a voucher offer to turn up. There's more options now they can just be purchased.
    I got the 64gb and paid £20 for a m.2 2230 drive at 256gb. Took a couple hours to install, as need to convert the micro SD to a format I wasn't familiar with. Then spent £100 on a 1tb (u3) and a further £36 for another 512gb (u3 micro SD).

    Cheapest way for a steam deck is getting steam credit at a discount somewhere. Then buying the deck with that.
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    Sorry for the dumb question but does this mean I don't need my gaming pc? I can just get the steam deck and do everything what a pc can do? I can sell my gaming pc now?
    Depends how good your gaming PC is. The steam deck was designed to run high demanding games at around 720p
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