Posted 31st Dec 2022
Has anyone got one? Are they a good buy? Thinking of getting the cheapest one, I have a spare 512GB Micro SD card and I think I can put in a SSD later if I need it? Should I just buy it from Steam or is there a way to use steam vouchers to get it cheaper? Any other info I should know?

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    Fantastic device, the only downside is the battery life, but kind of understandable.
    If you replace the SSD, use a SD card to reinstall steam OS.
    A lot of guides say use a usb stick, but I found them to fickle with perpetual loading ( you are talking hours )
    SD card loaded in to the installer within a minute (edited)
    Helpful tip this, didn't know you could install from the micro SD slot.
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    I bought one just before they stopped making people queue for them. I bought the cheapest one thinking I would upgrade the SSD, but then after watching Valve’s official video on it and hearing everything that could go wrong, I decided not to risk it yet. If I could go back I’d buy a bigger one instead, because I’m already running low on space on the SSD even though my games are installed on the micro sd. I’m using it as a computer as well, but I don’t think I’ve installed that much as I mostly just use the browser. So I recommend you watch some videos on upgrading the SSD before you choose a model (including the official video by Valve here).

    Overall I highly recommend it, especially if like me you’ve been collecting free pc games for years and haven’t been able to play them. We have a gaming laptop that is a few years old, and the Steam Deck can handle games like Final Fantasy XIV much better than the laptop can.
    I watched some videos, and it looked like a very simple swap. I have a 512gb SSD and 512gb sd card on the way. Plan on switching out the SSD right away. (edited)
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    I treated myself to one earlier this month. I'm not much of a gamer these days but I do play the odd game. I bought the lowest price one with 64gb although only 40gb is available. So have a 128gb card in there. I play mostly indie games so usually only a few gig at the most but can add up hence the card. I wouldn't really want to play a big budget AAA on the small screen anyway, so suits my needs.
    If you're able to, buy a larger micro SD card and use it as primary install location. Any games from STEAM, will install the game cache in the 64gb SSD and the game files on the micro SD card.
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    I'm waiting on mine being delivered. I used monese vouchers to buy steam vouchers at 20% discount. So steam deck cost around £280 (edited)
    How is yours being delivered if you have a tracking code yet? Wondering if GLS have moved back to ParcelForce yet or if they’re still using Hermes?
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    They are fantastic little devices, grab a dock and controller and you've got an amazing hybrid PC. The only downsides are the fans get a little loud and the battery life ranges from eh to shockingly awful.
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    Just bought one! Will take 1-2 weeks it said. I have enough games, 1.2k but don't often get around to playing them. Have bought some in the sales recently when I see a bargain on this website. I bought a tempered glass screen protector off eBay, may get a dock later. Thanks all!
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    Yes, they are a good buy. Have a search on the internet for buying guides or guides to upgrading the SSD such as this one. You might also want to have a good browse through the threads at the Steam Deck sub on Reddit.
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    Yes they are absolutely brilliant, get one as soon as you can. Take your time with it when you start though, the most common issue I see on the Facebook groups is people jumping straight into Switch emulation and getting completely messed up. Start with a couple of Steam 'verified on Deck' games and get a feel for how they work, limitations of the Deck, that sort of thing.

    I have the 256gb one, yes I could have gone for the cheapest one and upgraded but I didn't want to start off with an immediate hardware upgrade. A 512gb SD card is a good idea though.

    Edit: Also remember the Steam sale is on right now, until the 5th I think. So get shopping for games before you order the Deck. (edited)
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    With the Steam Sale on at the moment, go and purchase a few things but make sure they are "Steam Verified" with a Green icon on each game page.

    Honestly, it's alright... I just bought it because, why not? I got it first wave as I pre ordered the moment they announced it.

    Emulation is fantastic if you want some nostalgia, gives old Steam games a new lease of life too, and you will be surprised what is actually playable - Age of Empires 2 for example is very playable!

    Battery is garbage, and there isn't any rumble/vibrations like a conventional controller for console. (edited)
    Mine definitely vibrates. Not super strong but you can feel it. It even does it every time you boot up too.

    If yours doesn’t then you might have a faulty one.
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    i have just received mine along with my new 512gb sd card.

    stuck the sd card in, tried to format the card. Wouldn't format it. Thought, I will just pop it in the laptop and do it that way. Sd card cant be formatted no matter what i try.

    quick google suggests that the steam deck has a major issue with destroying sd cards. Valve dont seem to want to acknowledge any issue what so ever. now stuck with a broken sd card. will need to try and return to amazon. which im not happy about.

    poor show valve, poor show.

    so be warned if you plan on buying one of these and sticking a nice new card in it. (edited)
    Try checking it in Windows
    Run Diskpart
    list disk
    select disk * (change * to 1 2 3 etc. it will should show your internal disk and micro sd and anything else connected, choose the microsd by the size)
    create partition primary
    format fs=exfat quick

    Run h2testw
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