Posted 29th Mar 2023 (Posted 3 h, 11 m ago)
Bought a 64gb deck with the intention of fitting a larger 1tb ssd in the near future… but in the meantime….

I had around 45gb free, installed some games on an sd card and loaded the internal drive with the usual proton/shaders/cdata etc…. Issue is I have now uninstalled quite a few games, AND removed the associated shaders/cdata from the internal ssd, but it’s not recovered the disk space?

Sys monitor says: 32gb used of 51gb
Disk usage Analyser: 22gb used (29 left?)
Dolphin says: 17gb left (34gb used?)

With what’s installed I would expect to have 25-30gb left? So I seem to be missing around
10gb which is totally unaccounted for in the disk usages analyser so I can’t rectify it. Anyone know a better tool to try and show me the correct usage and find the files that are causing issues?

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    Has any of the games been added to trash in desktop mode and not removed from there?
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    nah I checked the trash. Its just really weird that when I uninstalled the games something, somewhere is left lurking around that the system can see and takes up storage, but every program i have tried using cannot locate it.
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