Steam extracting cooking device?

    I live in a studio flat and the kitchen is therefore open plan. I like to boil veg etc. but always end up filling the room with steam and don't like the hassle of having to open all the windows.

    Do you know of any devices (perhaps a certain type of rice cooker) that will boil vegetables/pasta etc but remove the steam whilst cooking?


    don't know of any device except an extractor fan but when I have my three tier steamer on I put a tea towel on the top to absorb the steam.

    when water boils the high thermal energy is released along with steam which keeps the temperature from rising any further . I f you contain steam & prevent it's safe release you risk an explosion as occurs in some in faulty pressure cookers / valves,
    Anyway to answer your question indirectly , don't some microwaves cook veg with just a little bit of water?
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