Steam for PS3, details revealed.

    Full description through the link, but here's a taster.
    Among the features available in the Steam Overlay on PlayStation®3:

    * • Play cross-platform from your PlayStation®3 with Steam friends on Windows or Mac.
    * • Access your Steam friends list, enabling you to chat with, add, or remove Steam friends.
    * • Access redeemed downloadable content registered in Windows or Mac, and vice-versa
    * • View your Steam friends’ community profiles.
    * • View your earned Steam Achievements, as well as global achievement stats, for Portal 2.
    * • See the latest news and announcements for Portal 2.


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    at last a good idea for the PS3 platform


    goddam "not enough characters", see what you did there hotukdeals, you made me say goddam, twice...but nooooo you couldnt just let me post a smiley could you.
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