Steam Games on 2 Screens

How do I get my I7 PC (pretty old I7) to play 1 or more of my 80 odd steam games across my two, 24" Samsung Syncmasters - I can use both monitors to do other stuff, but not figured out how to use them for games.

I have got pretty old titles from Humble Bundles - such as Crysis 2 Max edition and the only one I paid good money for was BlackOps 2.

Not much of a gamer, but would like to know how to do it.

atm, my monitors are connected via a DVI and a HDMI into 1 video card which is a NVIDIA GTS 450 - and there is another video card which is connected to the mainboard


I doubt a 450 has the power to run surround gaming its not designed for it but you configure it within gforce experience and set the resolution to the combined resolution of your 2 monitors

also you need 3 monitors really. You look at the centre of the screen most of the time and in this case it would be an annoying gap

I also don't think g force experience works with a card older than a 660

Basically you either need:

1. A game with built in support for a second (or more) screens. There aren't many, a few flight simulators, a few strategy games.

2. A way of presenting your screens as a single large one. Assuming you want to do it in software to preserve window's ability to recognise multiple screens then the technology you're after goes by the name of AMD Eyefinity (which actually covers a few related things) or nVidia Surround.

Your 450 doesn't appear to be on nVidia's supported GPU list for the technology so unless you can find a third party program or driver edit to do it then you're probably out of luck:…pus

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Thanks for the answers, I didnt get it working, guess my graphics card is not up to it, and the 2 monitor problem as well and not 3.

The gforce experience thing installed and it said my only game which was compatible with that was sims 3 - which would have been alright on 2 monitors but it didn't work.

cheers anyway.
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