Steam Generator (iron)

    Can people give me some recommendations for a reasonable price steam generator. I've heard they are really good, but don't want to pay too much.

    Price must be under £75.



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    Try [url][/url] they are ok (my wife has one) and good to see if you like uses them (she didn't she's gone back to her old normal iron)…ies

    About £30 with delivery, do a search for 'steam generator' and you'll be able to pick your favourite colour

    russell hobbs steam glide. got mine from pricedrop tv for £36.
    recently saw it in the studio 24 flyer at the same price, although
    wouldnt buy through them. Most places this retails at around the £69.
    Its good, but a little noisey, not good for trying to watch tv and iron at same time!

    I want one of these, for the wife's christmas present - my shirts are never quite flat enough in the morning.

    Recommend a good one please.

    I think Netto's are doing a Bush one for about £30

    wouldnt like to be your wife on xmas morning!

    Not that I would get one that cheap of course!!


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    thanks for the suggestions rep added, but I would rather not have a loud one and don't have a Netto's near me.

    BTW don't buy your wife one for Christmas!

    I got mine from price drop. Essential to get one with a ceramic soleplate though. They are far superior to the stainless steel ones. Briliiant irons - mine is Russell Hobbs - makes a tedious job a little easier


    PS If my husband bought me one for christmas he'd be told to do his own ironing. LOL


    BTW don't buy your wife one for Christmas!

    Can't agree. Bought my wife one last Christmas & she was delighted--halved the ironing time & much easier too. Must admit I've used it just as much as her!
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