Steam Generator Iron

    ive been given the job by my mother to buy one of these, but havent got a clue what to look for in an iron lol

    all the previous irons we have had (normal type) have always leaked water (when they are supposed to be non-drip!:confused: ), so my mother now wants one of these steam generator irons

    anyone got any recommendations? it will be used daily (we have a big family!), not looking for top of the range model, just something good value for money.



    Same here - I have bought 2 Philips steam irons (top quality apparantly, about 50-60 quid) and they have both been rubbish. Any recommendations would be appreciated

    With discounts were appropriate!!

    Check this Argos clearance thread, there is a Goblin Iron for less than £10 (limited stock)


    the goblin iron is just a normal cordless iron but argos do have a steam generator iron for £44.99 ]here. Alternatively you could get this ]one for £59.00. Hope this helps.

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    still on a look out for one of these guys

    any recommendations?

    I got the Rowenta one from Makro for around £99 about 18months ago, although a bit bulky it's fab and i've had no problems with it. Argos probobly have the best selection so best to find the one you like and then search for offers.
    Hope this helps.

    brought mine of ebay 2 years ago and still going its a morphy richards paid about £60 for it ( re-furb )

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    thanks guys, will have a look on ebay :), plenty of re furbs on there, thought id stay away but might just got for one

    You still looking for a good deal?

    look here…htm
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