Steam Generator Iron advice, please

    Can anyone recommend a good steam generator iron, please?
    Thank you


    There are 2 types of steam generator irons..........some have a water tank that just lifts out so you can refill in use,the other,and better,in my opinion have a pressure tank with a screw on filler/pressure cap and operate at 2 to 3 bar of pressure.........more pressure,easier ironing

    Have you signed up with the bzz agent thingy (do a search on here).

    They did a trial a while ago where for £20 you got a steam generator iron to keep. rrp £100.

    I have a Krapps (it's honestly called this) and it's great, think it's a V70 model. Far better than anything i've ever tried x

    i have a £20 voucher off buzz to give you if you want its off the phillips stem genarator to be used in tesco.i had one for £20 off buzz and i love it.if you want the voucher just pm me your addy and i will send you it.

    which type was the buzz one for £20 ?

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    Thanks everyone. What is Buzz?

    My friend tried to steam my bridesmaid dress when I was wearing it - from behind without telling me what she was about to do, do not try that, I got a burnt bottom. Not sure what was worse, the shock of it or the burnt bottom!

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    ouch! Hope you're fully recovered now...x

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    And that was you 'friend' was it?!!


    And that was you 'friend' was it?!!

    Yeah, she had seen a crease and thought whilst she was steaming the bride's dress (not on her I might add!) she would get rid of the crease on mine too, not thinking it through at all she did it and then screeched 'OMG, I'm so sorry, I didn't realise the steam would rise'. Now this is a very clever girl with a fantastic for the Book of Errors and never to be lived down.

    Steam cleaner-wise it was a proper stand alone one and looked like Wall-E the Disney charater, but was very good at taking creases out :thumbsup:
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