Steam Iron or steam generator?

    Evening all,

    My iron is beginning to make my clothes look more creased when I have finished 'ironing' them then when I started... so the time has come to buy a new one.

    The question is, normal iron or steam generator iron? Are the steam generators worth the extra cash? Are there any good deals around?



    There is a good deal on a morthy richards one posted at the moment, dont know how to post a link but its on this weeks hottest on the right hand side of screen

    I think they are fantastic.. mine is 2 years old now but you have to clean the boiler out approx every 15 uses to get rid of the limescale. Clothes look fab because of the amount of steam and with quite a bit of my ironing I only iron the front now. My advice would be to get the most powerful steam pressure you can afford

    Ive got a domena press and it takes less than half the time I used to take to iron its brilliant, dont mind ironing anymore, rarely have to think about it clothes come out of drier and my domena is on top and they are ironed straight away, friend has one, daughter has one and my sister is getting one, had mine 2 yrs never had a problem with it, bought it 2nd hand from ebay £40
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