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Posted 8th Aug 2020
Hi, I want to have a go at putting together a Steam driven handheld device. The options I see are;

1. Get hold of a Steam Link. Unicorn p00 springs to mind here, but I guess I can be patient and wait for one at a good price.
2. Buy a Raspberry Pi 4 and make a device.
3. Get a Bluetooth controller and use my phone.

The Steam Link would be paired with a portable screen that I already have, I'd just need to figure out a power pack or similar. Same with the Pi 4. The phone option would be the least to set up but the most inconvenient as I'd still want to use my phone normally.

I do have a doubt about the Pi 4 though, and that is the memory. Does Steam Link need a decent amount of memory? Or could I get away with a 2Gb version? I've got a full set of Pi's so far so set up doesn't concern me. I did look at using my existing Pi 3 but apparently the wireless set up doesn't give it room to breathe.

So does anyone have any advice or recommendations? Or even some pointers to a similar thing that has been put together?
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I might be missing something here, but you can download and install the steam link app on Google and Apple stores for a tablet or phone.

All the link does is relay the picture from a PC to your mobile devices it doesn’t play if straight from a streaming source (like Nvidia Go), it’s limitation is that it has to sit on same network.

I had one, and I used it to play games on the TV downstairs while PC was on upstairs, it worked really well, swapped PC for a laptop and became redundant.

It just sounds overly complex for what I think you are trying to achieve, might be wrong but I’m guessing the Pi is purely to get a screen working?

I mean, I love the idea of messing with Pis etc, but a cheap tablet would do the same thing with the app installed?
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Yeah that's option 3, I'd probably go for one of those extending controllers that lock on to a phone. I just fancy having a project to do, maybe a bit of 3d printing, and above all an excuse to buy another Raspberry Pi!
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