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Found 15th Oct 2009
Looking for recommendations on a steam mop for wood and ceramic floors. All the reviews I have read say thay are great for a couple of goes then they break easily. Anyone got a steam mop and could suggest one for me. Many thanks. xx
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I cannot recommend highly enough the one I have used for over 6 year, in fact I have gone through a few of them but have two now in case one breaks down it is the Hometek Steam Mop they are brilliant all my floors are ceramic and procelaine and wood and that is all I use, it is so amazingly easy and it is DRY STEAM, you can walk on it within a few minutes
Dont make the mistake I made with my first one and I added zoflora to the water, the chamber cannot take anything but pure water or it cracks
I would never use anything else and when I see all the mops for sale in the stores it bring a smile to my face, such hard work and WHY - takes me approximately 10 minutes to 'mop' all the downstairs of my home which is what time it would take me to boil kettle, fill bucket etc so go for the Hometek SteaM mop, they had one on Amazon for £49.99 and it had the outside patio brush free with it.

Also I have saved on my bed covers by using the carpet glide that comes with it and steaming my mattress and quilted douvets
Thank you so much, I have been looking at the hometek ones and thay have such mixed reviews, I think I will bite the bullet and buy one, thnak for taking the time out to tell me your experience. :0)
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