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    Hi, I am looking for a decent steam press that doesnt cost a bomb. Most of these that I found online are around 200, but anyone know of any deals on these products, and also whether anyone has used one of these and if they are worth the money.?


    their are a few in argos one is less than half price…%3E

    the best thing I have ever done is bought a steam press, I have a Domena and have had it for about 4 years ironing takes me literally seconds. I bought mine second hand and it cost £40 then my friend wanted one so bought one off ebay for her then my daughter and I got her a newer one but she prefers my Domena

    the Kenwood one someone just posted is a really good price:thumbsup:

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    Thanks jeany123 and octobergirl. The Kenwood one seems out of stock at Argos. Domena is too expensive for me, and no deals for it on eBay either.

    General question - how easy is it to iron shirts on these things. I am mainly buying for shirts, i dont have much trouble with trousers.

    i have one but dont use it that much. find it fiddly for shirts, different for sheets etc. hard not to miss a line down the centre sometimes. am not the best at ironing. i dont think its really worth the investment, neither does the hubby, apparently. his gear big size but has gone back to the iron as he doesnt like the finish esp for collars. i would look for a preloved one really rather than new. only my opinion.. good luck
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