Steam Runs *SO* Slow On My New/i7 Laptop... Why?

    Hi All,

    Steam takes forever to start up (auto start up when Laptop is turned on). Ive got it down to SIX installed games. None of which are massive, but still it takes *AGES* to load up then if I try and click Inventory of Games it hangs for ages.

    Jeez. If i try to uninstall a game even the right click takes - no joke - around 8 minutes to load the right-click-pop-up.

    Its horrific. Anyone know what I can do? Seems to be a lot of googles about Bootstrapper, but I dont see mine and Steam is only taking 40k'ish on the Performance List. Considering the size of the RAM (and nothing else is running on the computer) ... this doesnt seem right.

    Few articles about changing ports and stuff, but this isnt about accessing information - this is just the client being absolute junk!


    Did your new computer come with McAfee by any chance?

    As above. Check that but also when you log in, load task manager and see if your CPU or memory etc are hitting 100%, if so then it'll say what is causing that.

    Best thing with a new laptop is to reinstall windows again and just install the stuff you need. Upgrade the HDD to an SSD will improve general response times

    driver booster

    Download, install and run driver booster

    Agree with the above replies.

    You might also want to consider running DPCLatencyTool or LatencyMon.

    Also download WhatinStartup or use msconfig and see what is set to start when the machine comes on (I personally would disable steam auto-start up).

    Unfortunately this is was you get with pre-installed laptops - all manner of junk that you will have to go through disabling whilst referencing task manager.

    Make sure your not running Trusteer Endpoint Protection / Rapport.
    Run ADWCleaner to make sure theirs no nasties hiding in the bundled software.
    Run Snappy Driver Installer and update drivers.
    Disable trash in TaskManager/Startup that you don't need.

    Disable security then try again.


    Two factors:

    Mechanical HD

    If you have it installed on an SSD already then look into bloatware.

    I installed Steam last week, but no games yet (I was supposed to be getting some freebies from AMD). It was taking so long to initialise on PC start-up, I thought my internet connection was broken; close Steam, everything springs to life.

    Steam is currently screwed, and has been removed from my PC.
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