Steam shower enclosures

    Hi everyone, need some help and advice.

    Thinking of going for one of those steam shower enclosures, managed to find a company who is selling one for £1999 - the full works, with jet massager, tv, whirlpool etc... (it is 1500x1500 in size)

    wondering if anyone has had any experience with these steam enclosures? - are they any good? reliable? (they not going to break down after 6 months?) can replacement parts be bought easily? etc..

    any experience of these is appreciated... And also is £1999 a decent deal??


    i have a bucket i fill up from the sink. i punched holes in it with a screwdriver. my shower cost me in total with a fixings, parts and tools £3.42 from B&Q. Two grand seems like a lot of money. and do you really need a tv in the shower? is it HD?

    We have one that's 1450x1450 - a corner shower by De-Sanita and I wish I never bought it! It was installed in November 2006 and it's causing problems. The seals between the panels are leaking, the mic on the phone doesn't work, the LEDs are starting to go and to sort these means taking the unit out. We have a black granite floor and this thing weighs a huge amount plus would need un-plumbed so really don't want to be doing that. I wish I'd spent the money on buying a really cool contemporary shower screen and a Mira black granite electric shower.

    Also, unless you have a VERY powerful combi boiler you'll struggle to get the jets working. The shower uses a huge amount of water, so isn't compatabile with a cylinder which would empty quickly. We have a 40kW boiler and it is barely adequate, particularly the jets, and if there's another draw on the waater at the same time it becomes pretty unuseable.

    Saying that though, we have 4 young kids and there's nothing better than getting them all in at 1 time (or indeed me and the missus!). My wife uses the steam all the time and loves it, but other than that it may as well be a standard but decent size shower.

    I dread the day that it needs replaced as it'll cost a fortune and parts are impossible to find (I've tried).

    I don't use photobucket, so can't get a pic up of mine. Probably not what you want to hear, but hope it helps with the decision.

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    thanks for the response chouman, - its exactly the stuff i want to hear, honest feedback...:thumbsup:

    To tell you the truth i have been pushing back the decision to buy this further an further, because i have no experience in this kind of thing, and can imagine that if a little part needs replacing it will either cost a fortune, or it wont be found.
    Asking the shops who sell them, and their salesmen are giving the standard responses - "yeah 12 month warranty", and "we sold these for 5 years and never got one back or had any problems" etc. been around too long to fall for patter like that.

    so in your opinion they should be avioded? (out of interest how much did you pay for yours as it sounds simular in size to the one i looking at)...

    do you know which manufacturers are the best- or which you wish you bought?...

    anyone else got any experience in this?


    If I had my time again I wouldn't buy another, just for fear of it developing a fault. We spent thousands on our bathroom and would have to do the same again if this thing dies! Worst thing we done was trying to save a few pounds and tiling around it; if it does ever have to go then we'll have to re-tile the walls and floor - travertine walls and a rather unusual granite floor which can't be matched up as we didn't buy enough spare tiles, not to mention the electric underfloor heating.

    No idea about makes and reliability, sorry! Mine cost the same as yours, but was haggled down from £3,500 in the local merchant, god only knows what margin they make on these things...!

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    thanks, i was kinda thinkin that this may be the case.

    i know it may be unlikely but - anyone have any good experiences with one of these?

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    lol... nothin?
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