Steam Trading Cards / Coupons Thread

    I apologise if there's already another thread like this but I couldn't find one.

    After we've all purchased games on Steam through bundles, offers etc I would have thought a lot of us would have a few trading cards or coupons to trade?

    I have the following if its of interest to anyone, would like to trade for any trading cards of games I've got.

    75% off Clickr (currently £3.99 in the Steam store)
    50% off Sanctum (£6.99)
    90% off Obulis (£3.99)
    75% off Costume Quest (£6.99)

    You can make me an offer here…7Ux

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    Original Poster

    Is nobody interest in any trades or are they not permitted here? I don't want my codes to go to waste as I'm sure somebody wants to purchase these games
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