Steaming cod?

    I've bought some cod loins. I want to steam them but Im a complete simpleton in the kitchen

    can they be done in an electric steamer? how long for ?


    if you have a twitter account ask @foodpickle they answer your question straight away.

    The best way to cook fish is in the microwave!

    I do salmon and trout fillits! takes about 3 mins! Put them on a plate, cover with clingfilm!


    You would think that it would rewin the fish but it really doesn't!

    empty dishwasher, no tablet.

    a lil water in a shallow dish add some butter herbs and then in the oven for 20 mins at about 180 make sure oven preheated
    serve with some nice whole new potatos and a garlic and mustard sauce mmmmmmmmmmm

    MW, MW2 or Black OPS?

    wrap in foil, lemon , parsley, salt pepper and a splash of white wine,bake in the oven for 20 mins on 180.<3
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