Steering Wheels for Xbox 360

    With the appearance of Dirt and Forza some may be thinking of getting a wheel. I've been going through some of the options and found some useful links/comparisons.

    There are 5 wheels that I've come across for the Xbox 360.
    Official MS wheel at £80 (or £61 from Littlewoodsdirect)
    Madcatz Wheel at £40
    smaller Madcatz Wheel at £30
    Nitro Racing wheel at £50
    Logitech Drivefx wheel at £34 (inc p & p ebuyer -generally £50 elsewhere)

    There are only 2 of these that have force feedback or something akin to force feedback (the MS and the Logitech wheel). The smaller madcatz wheel I did have but found that to be erm rubbish. If you are looking at force feedback then that leaves you the choice of the Logitech or MS.

    Generally the logitech is regarded as being better made but having slightly less feedback than the MS wheel. The MS wheels have some pretty poor comments on their build quality and robustness. Many appear to resort to modifying their MS wheels (xbox forums are full of comments)

    So if anyone else is trying to decide whether to get the MS wheel or Logitech one you might find these links useful…p1/…spx…tml

    (There are also reviews of the Madcatz one and MS wheel on Amazon)

    You do need a table for the logitech one ie you can't play with it on your lap. Some say that to get the best from the MS wheel you also should use a table. If you're playing it in a living room some people have used a Tablemate (stick it in google and some uk suppliers come up). It looks a bit flimsy to me though.

    At the start of looking at the wheels I was pretty much going for the MS wheel but the cost is a major deterrent. However on looking at the links above I've been persuaded to go for the Logitech.

    Hope these links help others :thumbsup:

    Edit -Sorry, some of the links weren't working but I've fixed em now


    thanks for this post, was going to spend £80 on the MS one but might pay half that for the logitech one,


    Original Poster

    I've ordered a Logitech from Ebuyer, should be arriving on Monday. I just need to sort out what to put it on. I suspect the "wonder tables" might be a bit flimsy but there is a new product coming out which lets you sit it and other wheels on a platform on your lap

    £20 from Amazon called a Supido (stupido name if you ask me). I think I'll probably try a small table and see how good or bad I am at Forza first before splashing out any more money!!

    Thanks for a very useful post.
    Please let us know how the logitech wheel works out for you, guess I should buy forza first anyway.
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