Stencils for baby room

    Hey all

    Does anyone know of a good site where I can buy some stencils for our baby room?
    looking for stuff like animals, letters numbers etc

    I can buy a dark paint like purple and paint the stencils on the pink wall we have


    I bought some stencils a few years ago from Wilkinsons, I bought animals and they were really good, easy to use and nice results.

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    ah thanks

    If you got a The Works store nearny, they've got plenty of bedroom stickaround for £2.99 each. Different themes including Princess, Animals, flowers etc.

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    Is there any in scotland Edi?


    Is there any in scotland Edi?

    There's one on Union Street, Aberdeen Lee

    And no, i'm not going for you :-D

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    Baz, as if I would lol :P

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    thank you all

    I've used two of ]these in the past, they are really good, highly recommend them. Had the underwater one when my son was born, and then painted his new new and used the jungle safari.

    I used stickarounds as well. Found them very good but if you want to stencil good luck. Think there is quite an art to stenciling so if you havent done it before google it, sure the internet will have some advice.
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