Steriliser to fit 6 x Dr Brown's Bottles?

Found 5th Feb 2012
I'm looking for an electric steam steriliser (not microwave) that will easily hold 6 Dr Brown Bottles and a few dummies, etc.

We had a Lindam Universal last time but they don't seem to make them now and don't want to spend £58 on a Dr Brown Electric Steriliser.

Any recommendations please?
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Are Dr Browns bigger bottles or something? i had one of the Avent round sterilisers and it fitted 6 bottles np with extras..and i had Avent bottles and Mothercare allkinds as my son didnt feed..even the tall bottles fitted. You can get one of those 2nd hand cheap if you want to save £?
This is what i had (older version)
I had the dr brown bottles but had a micro steriliser, I had to do two seperate loads as they didn't all fit in but it wasn't to much hassle. When my son only had 4 bottles a day it was ok as it fitted the 4 in.…1W2

We're going to replace our shockingly poor Tommee Tippee one with one of those.

Can be used in one of the following 3 ways, so should be tall enough.

[image missing]

Yes, they're quite wide and have a few extra bits. Adambaz, I'd looked at that one too but what I don't want to do is buy one and then realise it's not fit for purpose cos they're not that cheap!
I hate it when I try to click on misc and end up in the kids section
can you look at them in mothercare or Boots?
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