Sterlinghouse - anyone still waiting for their bikes?

    I've one delivered a couple of weeks ago, albeit the wrong one (it said upgraded one though) but still waiting for the second one. Anyone else still waiting for their bikes? I've sent them an email and received a reply saying that they're having a problem with their stocks (for that particular bike on offer) and still waiting for the stocks from their supplier.


    My brother ordered one and the same thing has happened getting the upgrade but only 1 bike. They are still heavily advertising and taking orders even though he's had 2 letters saying that they have no stock and are struggling to buy the bikes in the quantaties needed and they keep putting the date back. He's now going to give them 2 more weeks and then if the other bike doesn't turn up he will take up a claim against them through his credit card provider as they state delivery within 28 days and it's been 2 months already. Personally i reckon that the 2nd bikes won't arrive anytime in the near future as i think they're filling all the new orders with 1 bike and making them hold out for the 2nd bike as well and they'll keep doing this while they keep up the advertising and orders.

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    Received an email today saying that my second bike has been dispatched yesterday. So, hopefully I can get it by today or tomorrow... that is .. after a month of the first delivery... grr..

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    Guess what .. after almost three months waiting for my second bike, it was finally arrived yetserday.. that was after so many emails going back and forth and they were claiming the initial bike sent out in June was lost by the courier. Oh well.. at least I'm happy with my bike now.
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