Steve McClaren has a new accent...

    Why is he trying to speak in a dutch accent when most dutch people speak better english than most brits?


    FYI things like :.giggle: and :.thumbsup: don't work on descriptions

    LOL he sounds like a goon

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    McClown forgets himself at some points and speaks normally, priceless.

    We defend toit. Yesh, toit like a toiger. Yesh Yesh Yesh

    stef mcleren couple of £m a year - i'd learn 7 kinds of greek for that!! - whet a welly:-D


    When i am abroad though, when ever talking to someone who only speaks English as a second language - i always end up speaking English in a forgien accent. It just happens.

    It's not only his accent, at several points he seems to be lost for words as if after speaking English for 47 years but spending the last two months abroad he has forgot half the English language

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    "It is Arsenal, I Think" :giggle:
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