stick vacuum

    I am interested in getting one of these, what do you think?
    1. VAX Slim Vac Pets & Family TBTTV1P3…tml?intcmpid=display~RR
    2. VAX SlimVac TBTTV1B1…tml?intcmpid=display~RR
    3. HOOVER Freedom FD22G…tml
    They all are about the same price (not all from Currys), which is the best?
    Are they good enough to replace a full size vacuum? Any option is welcome. Thanks.


    I have both - dyson animal ones. I use the cordless one on a daily basis but i don't find it as good as my corded one and the cordless one only lasts about 15 mins on full charge if you're using the turbo button. I have a stupidly long hair cat that moults 24/7 and both pick up the hair well but the corded one def does it quicker!! I like the fact I can just give the whole house a quick once over daily with my cordless one but then use the normal one on the weekends.

    hi. did you choose one of these? I'm looking
    at the same models

    I've got the one in your first link, They're ok, just about vacuum a 3 bedroom house before it needs recharging. A mixture of hard floors and carpets. I have a dog that molts loads so it comes in handy.
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