Stick with Iphone or switch to android

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Found 8th Nov 2010
Currently in 2 minds at the moment whether to stick with my iphone 3g jailbreaked, or go towards the android market.. Any thoughts?



If you like Apples and wool, stick with the iPhone.

If you want a gadget others will be envious of, get a top Android Phone.


You're very unlikely to get reasoned opinions on here.

Lot of Fanboys about. I would say give Android a go if you've never used it before

are you happy with the iphone?,if so then stay if not then switch,personal preference really

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I like my iphone, just got a bit bored of it now, fancied something new..



I like my iphone, just got a bit bored of it now, fancied something new..

I got bored of my iPhone too. I'm still as happy today with my Galaxy S as I was when I got it nearly 4 months ago. (And trust me thats a major compliment!)

But as Sancho says, everyone has their viewpoints and unless you are asking something specific, then it will bring out the phoneboy (thats a fanboy of phones!) in everyone who has personal opinions.

But take no notice of VB1... he's just daft.

I was in the same dilemma as you and I chose to go the Android route. Haven't looked back since!
I got the Samsung Galaxy S.

I still have my iPhone which I will keep as I have purchases on there.
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