Sticky pads for tax disc holder

    Anyone know of an alternative way of fixing an aluminium tax disc holder to a windscreen?

    I've taken mine off recently to replace the tax disc, and now it won't stay on. Is there anything else i could use to fix it to the screen and keep it on?


    i gave up mine kept falling off, got a sticky one instead

    Yea, buy the sticky dots from a stationary shop ;-)

    Chewing gum :whistling:

    Im in the same situation. Im going to use numberplate double sided sticky tape and cut it into small pieces


    Retro or Chavtastic

    They sell them on ebay for about £1.50 a pack. Look at item number 390081462354

    I use the small round glue tabs for sticking photo's into albums.

    Like these:…ree

    brill mines the same that ebay item is exactly what I want - where sells them high street wise? I need some before Monday so ebay's not a good option.

    Will they be at any stationers? or maybe morrisons?

    They sell them at Halfords for an ass-whooping £3.99:…451
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