Sticky Tape or Bra Cups

    I am small busted and need to wear a bra but the dress I am going to wear is backless what the best thing for me so I dont look flat chested I have heard of cups but wondered if there is anythink else that will give me a bit more cleavage. (no wise cracks please)


    What about those stick on bras and some chicken fillets in the btm of it. I once tried the Sellotape route years ago not to be advised had a reaction to glue as I got warmer and had to rip it all off. I'd say go for something that's meant for that purpose x try eBay if you can't find the bra but usually you can find them in cheap shops for a couple quid x

    Just thought could you not get away with a multiway bra?

    Go with Perpita idea of multiway bra as it just crosses over low down your back and u fasten it around your waist. They are really comfy.

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    is perpita a brand? googled but could not find

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    is perpita a brand? googled but could not find

    just realised perpita was previous comment sorry
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