Still here -

    Hi all -

    Just to let you know all is still very well after recent new arrival - mum Tina & new arrival all good!

    Sorry no pics on yet as we have been deluged with visitors as expected - I've took a few anyway & I'm gonna get a few outdoors tomorrow when the sun is apparently going to shine down here in Cornwall. - been a bit dodgy today!

    For those who missed my garbled thread through tired eyes yesterday a.m. - new arrival was baby girl, 7ib 8oz, born at 3:24am Mondy morning,

    We've decided to call her Saffron ( Saffie for short! ) as our eldest is Jasmine & it goes kinda nice together we think. Although we ain't Cornish, its also got a Cornish connectin too as she was born in Truro. Her middle name is Monica after my late mum.

    She is very well-behaved for us ( quiet at the moment anyway!) & seems to be already very settled.

    Anyway, thats it , cool, many thanks from Tina & I for everyone's kind wishes & comments over the last few days - we don't know anyone on here but we were overwhelmed & privileged by your comments & support.

    Piccys tomorrow for the moody & broodies!!!




    lovely name, cant wait to see pics xxx

    glad all is well,
    looking forward to the pics
    her name is lovely and yes it does go well with her big sis's name

    Glad all is good.

    Nice name! Love it. Keep us posted

    Original Poster

    Yeah thanks guys - time has seriously flown these past couple of days! We've been a bit knackered as well - 'specially other half.
    Anyway - all settled down a bit now so will start to get back into life again tomorrow!!

    Think might have an early night!!


    Oh, that's great - really pleased alls well. Love the name - beautiful x

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    Thanks, the name was a moment of inspiration but tbh we were really stuck. We asked daughter number 1 for her input on it as well, the more she's included the better cos she's been 'only child' for ten years & now all of a sudden shares her parents!!

    Gobsmacked by everyone's reactions on here. Everyone has been really kind - especially the other night when things were a tad 'strained'.
    Thought we had all but done with the old baby lark tbh, but hey - c'est la vie!!!


    wow i thought they age gap between mine was big, thank your lucky stars it was another girl - lol

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    wow i thought they age gap between mine was big, thank your lucky stars … wow i thought they age gap between mine was big, thank your lucky stars it was another girl - lol

    free babysitter in a few years???

    super duper WELL DONE and CONGRATULATIONS you and the family!

    Lucky you...a new addition to your family. Congratulations x

    worth the wait ...

    aw send our love to the OH and the little one

    Congratulations!!! How nice to have 2 girls. I bet Jasmine is sooooo pleased too.

    Big congrats... how lovely ... looking forward to the pics

    What a lovely name, I can't wait to see the photo's.
    Congratulations on your baby girl xxx

    glad they are both doing well. All this baby talk makes me want another. I have three boys, would love a girl though (hope hubby is not reading this!) :-D

    I've only just found this thread and I missed your last one Col. I am so pleased that all has gone well. Those last few fraught days have all been worth it!!
    Give all your girls - big, medium and tiny lots of hugs and one each from me please.
    Waiting for the pics now - there have been plenty of sunny periods here today in Cornwall!!

    Just ssen your photos on the other thread of your beautiful little girl - she is gorgeous :-D
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