still looking for a laptop...hows this one?

    Hey guys,,,

    Still haven't commited myself with purchasing a laptop because university hasn't started yet and i am expecting some cracking deals with all brands

    However the dell factory sale seems very impressive but i don't think the deals are all that for the notebooks..probably better ringing them up and haggle them with stuff...

    I was walking in town today though and came across this TCHIBO shop..dont ask me what the shop sells but they have cofee machines and basically had this advert outside window selling laptops...

    check the link below and tell me what you think...…ABE
    479 pounds is the pric
    spec seem decent and price for all you uni students is well in budget....
    lemme know laptop experts what you think in comparison to dell deals and any other deals you have come across...


    link? what link?

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    soz dude look up now

    looks nice but what are you going to be using it for?

    if your only going to be using it for word,access,excel isnt it a little too powerful?

    if your going to be doing graphic design then i understand

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    i am an optometry student lol but i would need it for uni chores so excel and word and that kind of stuff but need it for internet and music and watching dvds and maybe add some music making programs to it etc....

    basically doesn't matter about what i will do with it i will find a use but the price is below 500 pounds which for students doing any course is a crackin price...
    however build and other things come into this deal..has ne1 got a medion laptop and whats the

    thanks for your reply though

    thats what im saying, you could get one cheaper depending what you would use it for

    no point buying a porche just to nip to the shop and back

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    lol many a folk buy better things than what they need..

    newayz open to views about the deal....

    i still think i will w8 it out till when uni starts and get a better brand laptop..
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