Still need a laptop for uni

    i still need a laptop for uni; i have had a look around the web and i think i need at least 1gb ram, 60gb hdd, and a dedicated graphics card. max price £600, however im willing to stretch my budget if there is a very special deal to be had. im not bothered if new or refurb. please help - thank you


    Do you have any preferred brands? Screen size? Weight?

    i'm not sure on prices, but i have a HP Compaq which isn't quite that spec, but runs smoothly and looks better than others in the price range!!

    i work in IT so need a reliable laptop.

    i would reccommend the presario series because of this!

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    to be honest the brand is not that important, im more concerned about the performance

    Take a look at ]http//bu…net

    They have Fujitsu Siemens Pi1536 for £549 + p&p, with T2300, 1GB RAM, 60GB HDD, X1400 dedicated graphics.

    They are grade 2 returns with 6 months warranty. I have bought from here previously, they were (to my eyes) unused machines.

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    cool site...enless choices available. i like the look of Intel Pentium M Dothan 1.73GHz or the Pentium 1.8ghz or the Athlon 4000+. These all have ati x700 128mb graphics. There is a intel core duo model with ati x1400 128mb graphics. Am i right in saying that x700 graphics is better?

    Yes, X700 is better than X1400

    Rough order for laptop graphics performance for FSC machines:

    6800Go - best, my son plays WoW at full settings 24/7 ...
    X700, 9800 - similar, WoW good, struggles with Oblivion
    Intel GMA900,950 - forget about it...

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    so considering the processor options available to me which do you think is the better model for performance regardless of anything else

    What do you do with the laptop ?
    - which games ?
    - audio / video encoding ?

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    some games such as football manager, gta 3, halo....i dont think i would be trying to play the most up to date games. no intense video or audio encoding...only to use my ipod or to watch / burn movies

    X1400 ~ 60-70% of the performance of X700
    Halo plays OK on the CoreDuo X1400

    If not too bothered about playing newest games, personally I would go for the Pi1536 X1400. This is a new machine, CoreDuo performance is excellent in some multimedia applications and is as future-proof as it gets in any laptop

    ... in fact I have kind of convinced myself to buy one for my daughter who is starting uni ... bang goes more money courtesy of hotukdeals ... :oops:

    You might also look at the M3438G laptop. Stunning 17" graphics and screen, very fast graphics (last year's top end) and only slightly more expensive. It is quite large and heavy though, and has had some bad press due to SATA controller problems causing lag in latest games. Buyit247 are very good about returns if you have the problem.

    some pointers on laptops (PC format) students should go for:

    Weight: should be light as possible, too heavy and it will break your back(speaking from personnel expierence), be warned, too light and it will probably have crap battery life.

    CPU/Processor: If it is a Intel go for the Centrino range(preferable 64-bit), has built in WiFi as strandard always a bonus. AMD Turion (again preferably 64-bit). Stay away from Celerons and Sempron systems if possible but don't buy a VIA processor system. Looking at speed ranges of 1.6 GHz and higher, really for light use you want a 1.8GHz, the higher the better.

    Networking: WiFi if great if you are sharing a Wifi router in halls, shared flat or internet cafe or other hotspot, like McDonalds for Internet usage. Most systems have wired 100Mbps as standard.

    Graphics: really try to buy a laptop/notebook with seperate graphics that doesn't use the systems memory (not shared graphics).

    OS: Win XP (preferable Pro but not essential - Pro Offer more networking capbilities and the name sounds better), Linux is always a good free alternative. Do Not get Windows Media Centre, it will drain the laptops battery exthremely fast.

    Modem: if it has a built in 56k modem it is a bonus.

    Optical drives: really a DVD RW +/- if not try to get a DVD/CD RW combo drive.

    Memory: running Win XP then you want at least 512MB, it will work on lower amounts of memory but that is really the lowest you want. The more the better.

    Battery: if it doesn't last more than 1hr 30 mins don't buy it.

    Screen: personnel perference really, 15 inches.

    USB & Firewire: the more the better, at least three USB 2.0(V1.2) ports, firewire is a bonus but not essiential unless you need it for your iPod, remember for firewire there are two versions which aren't backwards compatible like USB devices, they use completly different connectors anyways so you cannot plug a firewire 2 device into a firewire 1 port and vise-versa.

    if I think of ought else I'll add it on.

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    i think i will go for the amd 4000+ processor option which costs me 599 from the website earlier in this thread. anyone know what this roughly compares to as a speed

    There's a special deal from Apple:

    Buy the MacBook for £643 and get £100 off an iPod... so you can get the Ipod Nano 1GB (£91) for free, or get the 2GB Nano for about 18 pounds extra.

    MacBook configuration:
    Intel Core Duo Processor 1.83Ghz
    512MB RAM
    13.3" Widescreen Display
    60GB hard disk
    built in webcam
    64MB Intel Graphics card
    Built in webcam
    Around 2kg in weight
    Free 3 years international warranty

    You can even install windows on a macbook... so you get the freedom of either using XP or Mac OSX... which is a far superior operating system in my opinion

    To get higher education prices, go to to access the Higher Education Store. You can only access the site from a uni connection... if you're not at uni yet, you can place your order by calling 0800 912 0207, or PM me.


    MacBook configuration:Intel Core Duo Processor 1.83GhzYou can even … MacBook configuration:Intel Core Duo Processor 1.83GhzYou can even install windows on a macbook... so you get the freedom of either using XP or Mac OSX... which is a far superior operating system in my opinion

    just a quick note that Win XP will not work on macs unless it has a compatible processor.

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    doesnt the macbook use intergrated graphics, so am i correct in saying that it wouldnt play very many games. or it wouldnt play games well?
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