Still waiting dfor dhl to collect my phone, slow..

    Hi does anyone know what time dhl work up to as there ment to collect my faulty phone and take it back to e2save, i just tried calling e2save sales line but its now coming up as a incorrect number!!

    i have a bad feeling about this


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    I'd call it a day if they haven't collected by midnight

    yeh thanks alot, top reply that!

    Here's a crazy idea that might just work - call DHL.

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    Here's a crazy idea that might just work - call DHL.

    i would but i dont have a tracking number, e2save booked it in for collection today

    Ive had them deliver at 8.30pm.

    Yeah they go pretty late, give them a call and ask them, simples!!

    A question about the phone not related to it's operation. A welcome change.

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    called dhl and they cant help just by using the postcode damn, also e2saves contactr number isnt working for me, do they have any other contact numbers?

    I got a package from dhl 8:10am this morning so they work long hours

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    Just got through to e2save, they told me the phone should of been collected by 5 30! so there now booking it in for tomorrow, id never use them again as this isnt the first issue i have had with them or dhl!
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