Still waiting for my Harry Potter DVDs

    After receiving an email saying they had been dispatched on 22 Jan, I still haven't received them.

    Is it only me?


    No - same as me !! Got a dispatch email, but nothing yet.

    I think I know what there doing (clever really !)

    If they say they have sent them out (but havent), and they get "lost in the post" - they can issue you a refund as they are out of stock.

    I ignored about 3 emails asking me to cancel, so this will be there way of gettin around this !!

    Got mine this morning at long last!!

    I received mine this morning too!!

    got mine this morning too!!! :thumbsup:

    Original Poster

    Me too!:-D

    Thanks to op. May have been a loooooooooooooooong wait but worthwhile in the end.

    this was from tesco wasn't it... their delivery service is really slow... i got email despatch for vincent on monday 22nd but didnt get it till today... 6 day delivery jeesh i used to get stuff from lik-sang quicker lol

    Got mine too
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