Found 27th Oct 2010
First time I've ever made Stir-Fry!
I've got the sauce, chicken, noodles, carrots, peppers, beansprouts, babycorn!
Cut all the veg up etc, and chicken,
Anybody got any decent instructions?

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Chuck it all in a wok,fry it and stir it

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Even the chicken? and the noodles?

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I bought diced chicken, that'll be ok won't it?

I would cook the chicken off on its own first then add ingredients gradually depending on what takes longer to cook-ending with the sauce!!

My personal experience

Heat the pan up real hot, add oil in the pan
Then stir fry the chicken first, because the pan is hot so it will leave nice color on the chicken, put a bit of seasoning in when stir fry the chicken
Take it out and use different pan to stir fry the carrots (make sure you cut them thin) for 6-8 minutes and then add baby corn and 1 minute later add peppers, beansprout goes in last
And then put the chicken in the pan together and stir fry, if you have OYSTER sauce, put some in, will be lovely

If not soy sauce should be fine, just 1/2 table spon is enough

I would personally heat the wok and pour some oil in 1st. Then chicken to stir fry for a min or 2, then add in (solid veg cause they takes time to cook unless you put them into boiling hot water for few minutes before hand) babycorn,carrot then finally pepper and beansprouts before adding the sauces and cooking wine before dish out to serve. Hope this help

*Could marinate the chicken before hand with little cornflour,sesame oil,soy sauce, dash of pepper* only you bother
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I do the chicken first, then in goes the veg then the sauce. Usually the noodles go in at the end or cooked separately depends what kind you have. Doesn't the sauce have instructions on it?

Yes. as these ^; just make sure that the chicken has gone 'white' all over before adding the veg.

fry and flip - do not stir


Even the chicken? and the noodles?

Nah, just eat those raw. Taste better.

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Cheers guys! Wasn't as nice as my parents make, but wasn't too bad! Noodles were a little too soft though thanks for all the tips! I would rep, but yano
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