Stock up, ive just found this years must have xmas gift

    In previous years we've all seen the rush for wiis, buzz lightyear, tamagotchi etc.

    In the recession it's all about having fun from some of the most natural things.

    I present to you fun shapes at poopytime:


    Original Poster

    arghhhh how funny
    wht on earth were you looking for to find that haha my son would actually love one of them heehee


    I feel sick, this is bitterwallet worthy


    great this years secret santa gifts


    I feel sick, this is bitterwallet worthy

    Too true excrement of any kind is put on there..!

    Hot for me and Quidco


    lol! How do you FIND these things???

    Original Poster

    You don't wanna know.


    That is brilliant...great find OP

    aww god thats minging!!!!
    i cert wont be buying them eurgh!

    well.. it attaches to the toilet seat.... and...



    *****silly quote of the century******

    You push the cylinder shaped end up your poop hole then squeeze one out

    ....sorry susannah I see you deleted your post do you want me to delete my quote ???
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