Stockholm in November

    Thinking of going to Stockholm via the cheap Ryanair flights to Stockholm from Liverpool

    Anyone been to Sweden in November? Is it really dark or can you actually make use of your day?



    Hi Dave,

    The days are very short with sunset between 3-4pm and it is extremely cold. There is still plenty to do and is a fantastic place to visit that time of year. :thumbsup:

    ive been to stockholm in the winter (january) very nice city and the cheap flights were also well worth it (paid about £30 return in 04)

    its not really dark since stockholm is in the southern part of sweden, prob gets dark around 6pm but it is quite cold -25ºC or so (no wind so not that bad)

    Original Poster

    Thanks for the tips guys but on current budget an examination of the cost of accomodation put this on ice, so now that Ryanair have even cheaper flights I'm going to Poland instead :-D

    Now that will be cold :?

    I've worked in Stockholm a few times, just be prepared to spend a lot of money on beer as it is very expensive. I'd recommend latvia (Riga) at a £1 a pint you won't care what the place looks like.
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