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Found 26th Nov 2017
Cheap stocking fillers for step dad??
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It's no good, I have to say it....

Your mum!
Instead of getting loads of cheap little things, how about getting one much nicer thing that will be more enjoyed?

I've always though buying cheap stuff just to bulk it out is a bit naff.
i get stocking filler bits but will be things that are nicer and little luxury things, not just cheap.

i see that if I just get cheap stuff I might as well throw my money away

anyway for ideas, here is what I have gotten my step dad.
For his main main present I have gotten a raspberry flavoured craft vodka from a little Christmas market.
then for smaller bits I have gotten some whisky stones (to go in the vodka). Some treats from hotel chocolate and some luxury butterscotch biscuits.
as a silly thing I have gotten home a joke bumper sticker for his clapped out old van that says my other car is a Porsche (he has a vintage Porsche in his garage but chooses to drive an escort van that's about 20 years old)

but my my step dad and your step dad will likely have different tastes so really you need to think of what he likes and go from there
How cheap?
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