Stoke on Trent? I need help!

Found 31st Jan

I’m after some help, I’ve worked a few times in stoke on Trent and when I have been there I have seen some massive window companies and showrooms.

Anyway, could any one help me with the the name of it.

I think it’s by a speed camera if that helps! Lol
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I use Google maps Streetview (the little man by the +- bar bottom right) if I know the road name
Which part of Stoke?
Covers a large area and there are a lot of ships and stores hidden down seemingly empty streets
It was on a main road! Lol I know no help but it seemed massive when I drove past. Not far from a mini showroom I think
Was it on the A500 or it was actually in Stoke itself?
There is Supercraft Windows on A53 which if you were going to the potteries or festival park.
It was just around the stoke area somewhere! I know no help....i live a hour this way. But much cheaper in stoke. Will check out the one above.
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