Stokke Xplory pushchair deals?

Found 28th Dec 2009
Anyone know of a good deal on the Stokke Xplory pushchair?? Either in the UK or in Germany? Im after the pushchair itself only dont need the carrycot etc.
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the very cheapest i can find is lesters nurseryworld-look online as thats free delivery?

its £499 so not cheap now...it was a package they had was a silly price few weeks ago..worth giving them a ring tho theyre very good..
cheers, will look on their website now
i loooove the xplory we were one of the first to have one over 5yrs ago got mixed views from people but i like being different lol dont understand the carrycot thing tho and i think stokke are just making it to make more money as the puschair does exactly what the carrycot does i.e lie the baby flat, where are you based i am thinking about getting rid of one of mine i say one as as i mentioned we had one of the firsts and they changed the handle slightly so very kindly sent me a brand new one, the one i thinking of selling is used but fab condition.
Thanks, but i have just bought one second hand for 320euro (too good to be true?? We'll see) lol. I LOVE the xplory because its different and not many people have one Living in Germany at moment and i get funny looks with my Jane Powertwin double (dont sell Jane over here and only seem to have the normal doubles), god knows what looks i'll get with my stokke haha! Cant Wait to use it
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