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Found 10th Nov 2006
Hi all,

One of the sales team at work has had their phone stolen, but because he had it in his glove box (which isn't lockable but is out of site) he can't claim on the insurance (even though if it was in his boot, given that he has an estate car, meaning it would be even more visible, it would have been insured!)

Anyway, it now falls on me to find a decent replacement phone. He had a Samsung D500 but he will have anything - we're on Orange so it either needs to be Sim Free or Orange.

I am looking around, and have trawled these forums, but wondered if anyone had got any decent suggestions?


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The Motorolla Razr is only £50 now from the Carphone Warehouse (when bought with £20 airtime)

Original Poster

Very good - think thats a definite candidate!

The K750i is also £99 again in Argos !!

edit: just realised these are meant for Orange

You can get it unlocked for a fiver mate

Original Poster

True... or free if you look hard enough sometimes!

I know but then theres the whole warranty issue. Some people would rather have a locked branded one
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