Stop Hissing Sound From Speakers

    hI I just bought some phillips mms460 5.1 surround speakers second hand and when there not in use but on they make hissing sounds. Just wanted to know if there was a simple way to tackle the problem



    Have you checked that there isn't a snake in them?

    unplug them!:w00t:

    Mine do it aswell, Just think its the signal/feedback being carried through as when sound is playing the hissing stops (or a can't hear it anyway!)

    Do you have a microphone plugged in at all? I do for msn and when not in use, i mute it otherwise, it is a high pitched hiss which really can be painful to my wickle ears :-(


    Have you checked that there isn't a snake in them?

    made me laugh. :giggle: :giggle:

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    i tried muting all sound on my pc but makes no difference. Well i think tahts what u get when u buy budget speakers

    I thought all speakers did it - what you want to do is turn the speakers down (assuming that the speakers have their own volume knob as opposed to having to do it via the computer) or switch them off when not in use (again, assuming that there is a power button on the speakers).

    You could upgrade the cables from the source component going to the amplifier - £20 at least should fix that.

    I assume the cables going to your speakers are the thin ones that have no shielding as well?
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