stop my screens from being modified

    I'm currently using a nexus 5 and would like to prevent my home screen and any others from being modified. Today I switched my phone on and my power control widget had been deleted. I use widgetsoid. If anyone knows about that app it can take a while to make a custom one. Also my home screen and secondary screen had been totally swapped.
    I have no idea how these things happen. Doors anyone know a setting or an app for what I need? I tried to search using Google but I can't word my query very well.
    PS My phone is so l stock, not rooted and I'm using the default google launcher.


    Nova Launcher has this feature. Once you've installed it and set it as your launcher, go to your home screen and press Menu - Nova Settings. Then click on Desktop, and check the "Lock Desktop" box.

    Not sure about the default launcher I'm afraid.

    Thumbs up for Nova launcher.

    Another +1 for nova. It's so customisable, it makes iPhone users green with envy. Seems to murder my battery though.

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    OK I'll install Nova because it's frustrating to keep setting my screens back the way I want them.
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