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Stop sites asking to accept cookies?

Posted 27th Apr 2013
Well good old governments making laws etc, and this one is doing my head in, most sites I visit are asking for me to accept cookies, which usually means some annoying popup or thing which is in my way, and won't go until it is clicked. I don't like to leave history on my machines so obviously this is happening all the time, does anyone have any ideas how stop it?
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Ellie Phant


Wow, you just demonstrated your skill of using google, sadly it tells me how to stop my computer from accessing and accepting cookies, not what I asked, I asked about the websites which ask you to verify that cookies can be used on your browser while using their site.
Good evening.

To stop these pop up boxes coming up, they actually store a cookie once you accept them to tell the website that you've accepted the warning. As you are not allowing cookies, the website still thinks you haven't accepted them and therefore it'll continue popping up

As the procedure for cookie identification is unique to each website, there isn't currently a fix for this issue.
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