Stopping landline and broadband and going truly mobile

Posted 5th Nov
Hi, I'm just wondering if anybody has just gone sod it and got a mobile contract for their call and internet needs. I mean it would have to be an unlimited contract but I'm more out of the house than in, so it makes sense to me but I would need some good data for streaming movies. Anybody else done this? Cheers
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Easier than ever with the big 4 all offering unlimited (large data allowance - yes O2 I'm looking at you)

Very easy to do. With or without a router, you can hotspot from your phone or with EE move upto 100GB a month from your unlimited SIM to a second line!

It all depends on best signals and speeds where you are. And they can have a huge variation from one side of a room to the other.

Decent routers available with telephone sockets too so you can still have a phone to use as a landline (all be it a mobile number)

I'm sure @AndyRoyd will be along shortly to offer some advice too.
Yes we have done it.with smarty unlimited no problems yet some times buffers when we are trying to watch 2 movies but then we switch one to my wife's data.we are not games so cannot comment on that side.our signal is mainly H+ sometimes 4G with Smarty.
360finder05/11/2019 09:34

Easier than ever with the big 4 all offering unlimited ... I'm sure …Easier than ever with the big 4 all offering unlimited ... I'm sure @AndyRoyd will be along shortly to offer some advice too.

Thanks for the intro! But yes, most of my family are cordcutters and have moved to cellular bb. Most use a derivative of 3s services at typically £10/m for unlim 4G/5G, although one has recently transitioned to similar unlim 4G at £10/m no contract via Vodafone's Voxi offshoot who can't count (Voxi's £10 6GB plan is effectively unlimited GB for the indefinite future). The singletons tend to use the unlim data sims in their day-to-day phones and just hotspot when at home so technically their home bb is free (although one has a wifi bridge to provide wired ethernet to a switch); families tend to have a fulltime stay-at-home sim either in an Android phone with permanent hotspot on or in similar phone tethered by USB to a standard cable router for increased wifi options (dual 2.4/5G bands and increased range) plus wired gigabit ethernet. All the stay-at-home phones are ancient 4G models found kicking around the back of a drawer re-purposed from previous generations' contracts. Interestingly nobody in my family has adopted the solution marketed by 3 of dedicated cellular router, mainly because of cost and unrealistic extended contracted term. Obvsly everything is cellular signal-critical where multiple streaming of high-bitrate media may cause issues and ping is noticeably higher than cable-to-the-home bb, but as the receiving devices are portable they can be positioned for optimum reception.
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Check out Voxi, Vodafone, Three or Smarty

If you take Vodafone, make sure you take the one without limit of speed
Bandwidth depending on your region may not be constant at peak times. On smarty I get around 10-15mb at peak periods and up to 60mb at other times. I may be able to improve on this with an external antenna or a 300mb router rather than my 150mb router.
I have been cellular for my broadband since last April. £20 a month from Three, unlimited data. Bought a 4G a router from Amazon. Get speeds up to around 30Mb but usually lower but copes will all streaming needs. Plus it’s only a 12 month contract. I notice that BT for example are doing 24 month contracts now!
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