Found 5th Aug 2008
Does anyone know where I can get hold of some clear storage boxes similar to this?…919

Preferably with lid? I need approx 10-15.
Many thanks


[COLOR="DarkOrchid"]i'm sure i seen some in morrisons..[/COLOR]

Asda or Matalan have something very similar. Matalan might be a good bet at the moment as they've got a mega sale on, don't know if these are in the sale but aren't that expensive anyway.

From ]Argos - Roller Boxes - Silver.875/2123

Similar to what you're after although at £19.99 for 3 a bit more expensive.

The also do stacked towers a little bit cheaper so not sure if they might be useful

Also, have you tried Wilkinsons instore?

instore aka poundstretcher usually have a few different sizes quite cheaply. Thats what we used when we moved:thumbsup:

Whats the shop that poundstretchers or did they change the name of it?


Whats the shop that poundstretchers or did they change the name of it?

it is called instore. confusing name if you ask me

Original Poster

Thanks for the quick replies! I was hoping to order online as I'm unsure if anywhere will have 15 in stock but worth a go I guess! I'll try and get to in-store, matalan, asda etc after work one night this week.
Thanks for the suggestions.

Yep Badgerrules that right, don't you just hate it when you know a name and just can't think of it!

factory shop if you have one near you

Do you have a "Range" near you? If so go there! Asda used to do some really good ones with proper lids, that clipped in, but now they do ones that just connect in the middle and are not worth any money! Break all the time! I went to my local range and found some that asda used to do similar and was really pleased! And they come in wild colours as well as normal colours, for a 30litre one i paid £4! And i love them! So im hoping you have a range store near you xx

Range also have loads instock in store x
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