Storage heaters vs oil filled plug in radiators?

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Posted 3rd Jan 2015
So been in my new flat with my partner for almost a month now, its all electric and there is 2 storage heaters here, 1 in the living room and 1 in the hall between the 2 bedrooms and kitchens. Now my question is.. after experimenting we seem to be spending just over £20pw on electric..., lights, TV and even a dehumidifier that we have to run every 2 weeks in the bedrooms doesn't seem to be taking a lot of electric, but the storage heater seems to take like almost £3+ per night (when we turn it on, as you need to do it in advance for heat the next day) plus the immersion heating up the water for the next day.

What i wanted to know is, if we were to get some oil filled rads like these..…021

Would it be more economical to use for 1-2 hrs a day in rooms needed, rather than 7 hrs charging and storing up the heaters? Even tho its economy 7, which doesn't seem to help, Ive always had gas CH you see.

Thx, any input welcome.
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