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    hey guys,

    I recently bought a laptop and replaced its 750gb HDD with a 250gb ssd.

    so instead of selling the HDD, or buy an enclosure, I want to use it as a shared storage with other members of my household.

    I did a bit of research, and I got several options:
    1. buy a new router and an usb enclosure.
    2. buy a NAS.
    3. Other options to use strictly if you are sharing files with tablets.

    since I have zero knowledge about NASs and I don't know how they differ from plugging a HDD to a router, would you please advise which option would be faster, more reliable and cost effective in my case.
    thanks in advance.

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    In your case, option one would be the best route.

    - NAS wise it requires a bit of setting up and your laptop drive wont just slot in to any NAS that I've seen and would need an adapter to get it to work.
    - You would need the NAS to be on 24/7 something most routers are left to do anyway so using a router to add the 1 extra drive of storage will be cheaper in terms of power usage long term.
    - Going the router direction generally requires none or very little set up (most of the time the feature is on by default). At worst it's simply filling in a form on the routers settings page to say what you want to happen with USB devices plugged in.
    - A NAS will generally run you around £80-100 for a decent one, a router depending on your needs should be a good bit cheaper than that. You may find your ISP will be able to offer an upgrade cheaply or free for one with the USB feature, eg Plusnet now ship ones with this feature but didn't a few years ago. So worth asking before you spend any money.

    The only other option worth considering, is keeping the drive plugged in to a device on your home network and sharing it with everyone on your network so everyone can send files to it. The down side to this is that if the computer is not on, nothing can be saved there. The upside is that if you just want to do a back up once a week or so that it's probably easier and cheaper to use this method than spending any extra money on new hardware.
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