storage solutions for garden shed

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Found 4th Feb 2007
just bought a 10 x 7 shed for the garden and would like advice on what storage solutions others have used for inside their shed
i need to store 3 bikes as well as the usual garden items
was thinking of a kitchen base unit with worktop but any ideas would be appreciated


Argos have a few good ideas in the catalogue, with wall hooks and stand for bikes.
They do some good heavy duty shelving too.

What will you be doing in the shed??:giggle:

Do you need a worksurface? Are you gardening or DIY-ing?

I just have floor to roof shelving and some hooks in mine...

I tend to use a workbench outside if I have a particular job to do.

My grandad has a shelf in front of the window of the shed for getting his seeds growing.


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its a store for kids toys , garden items, tools etc i dont think i owuld be doing any diy etc in it but now you mention it i could run power to a wee mini fridge splice the sky tv into it and bar the kids

Ohh the temptation....he he..!:thumbsup:

Well I went to B&Q and got their cheap pine shelving units and used the cheap boxes from Ikea (blue or red)
Made sure all the shelves were screwed to the space needed for the boxes to fot on each shelf and labelled them all with contents...

Amazing how much you can store away...plus bonus was kids had no excuse for putting the toys in the wrong place hehe...

Use the very top of shelves for storing stuff you dont want them to get hold of eg: tools etc.

Hopefully you will have enough room left for an comfy chair, tv and fridge...

Dont forget huge bolt on inside!!....keep the kiddies out!!


I discovered (rather randomly) that there were some good storage solution things on ebay (type in 'storage'). I found shelves with storage boxes included for around £60, which looked quite good. Depends how anally-retentive you plan to be about it..:giggle:
I'm planning on a garden shed soon too, so let me know how you get on - mine is for the same purposes - bikes &garden toys, and occasionally hiding from the kids in..:giggle:

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got 3 shelving units from woolies reduced from £20 to £10 each get them delivere to my local store on thursday
argos are doing 6 X 30 litre plastic boxes in red blue or black for £6.99 but i'll wait and see how big the shelves are before getting the boxes

that'll do it


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just after buying them i went into argos and they are doing a pine cube type unit which holds 9 wicker boxes you get 3 with it and they are also doing a deal for buy another 3 get 3 free for an extra £14 so thats 9 boxes in all

Thanks for that - will check into all that myself, for future ref! Seriously tempted to just buy a garden shed to turn into a secret bar/hideaway - quite liked the idea of the mini fridge thing - & if I drink enough I won't notice the chaos in the garden..:giggle:

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i got my shed from garden buildings direct kybotech is their real name its really well made and the floor and roof are wood as well not chipboard
was going to run cable to it today but its freezing out today so that will wait for another day

Yer they are really good!

I got my daughters playhouse from them and our 12ft trampoline from their toy site.

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