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Hi. Can anybody recommend a loyalty/store card app for a Motorola 3.Iv'e downloaded "stocard" but so far 2 out of the 5 cards downloaded have not worked in the shops. Am I doing something wrong or is this app just rank?

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When you say not worked what do you mean? I use the app on the iPhone and it's great. I think the issue generally comes down to the actual scanner and NOT the app or your handset. For example, Tesco seem to work fine locally to me where as the Waitrose scanners will not read the card from the screen of my handset.
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yes it's a scanner problem, but there's no point having it if it don't scan on some machines. I want an app that works !!!

​I would imagine that if it's a scanner issue then it wouldn't matter what app you used. If the scanner can't scan from stocard then it probably won't scan from any.

Do you have a screen protector on your phone? I found more places worked once I had switched to a less 'reflective' protector.

yeah stocard is rubbish. I now use beep'n'go. all my cards work and I've every single one so full of them. even work on self serve tills ( where staff tell me won't work until I prove wrong) it's a great free app. good luck and happy new year x
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