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    I was trying to find out if there is any kind of device that you can get to store music on with a USB port so i can plug into my hi-fi

    That sounds obvious as i know any mp3 player will do this but was wondering if there is anything you can buy yet that would maybe be powered (plug) so it doesnt run out, and has a decent screen so you can flcik through and see all the music you have on it, ideally with album covers etc

    Saw a archos jukebox thing but looked nasty and clunky and was wondering if there is anything out there yet anyone has/can recommend

    Only note, not looking for anything by Apple as not a fan of their restricitve useage policy and dotn want to faff about with itunes when all my music is already on a hard drive ready to copy to something new

    Any help appreciated, looked around but cant see much


    You will need to check your Hifi can play powered USB as alot won't, some will only play via USB stick.

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    Used my mp3 in it before and that worked fine, should that be OK then?

    Check out the Brennan. It always has a full page ad in most hi fi mags. Plays and rips CDs onto an internal hard drive. My sis has one and raves about it. Cost £250 I think.
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