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    I have all my photos on a Hard drive and been meaning to store them on discs as well as. Does anyone recommend any good disc's?


    I'm not entirely convinced of the longevity of discs. A large proportion of my pictures are in the cloud with OneDrive. Many others are on at least one PC. A large proportion are also on a big pendrive. They're still not safe really.

    I should really get around to putting loads more on OneDrive and maybe get a couple of cheap big capacity sticks and put them on then give to a relative to store safely elsewhere.

    Just use Google Photos, much safer, unlimited storage, available to view from many devices and it's free.

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    Cheers was thinking about looking into online storage too, will have a look

    I also use one drive, whichever service you look at just check they don't reduce the quality of your photos to store them, I know Facebook does, and have a feeling that Google do as well but could be wrong on that. Amazon do storage for free if you are a prime member.

    Google gives you 15GB free in original format. Google gives you no limits free if they use a small bit of compression. I have looked at both and can't see any difference, maybe if they need magnified to make a poster or something?

    . Anyway for ordinary use, use Google photos free unlimited

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    My most treasured photos I always print out but in general I use a separate Hdd and cloud storage

    online plus backed up. (or vice versa - we copy from phones/camera to PC. and backup tons harddrive when ever I can be bothered, bit photos are either uploaded to one drive or Dropbox for safety)

    M-Discs. They're specifically designed for long term data storage with a claimed lifespan of 1000 years, DVDs, flash drives, hard drives etc will all degrade over time. I also second Grumpy_womble's suggestion of printing your favourite pics.

    An internal M-Disc writer is around £80 and the recorded discs can be viewed on a standard DVD/Blu-Ray drive.


    Where can you buy an m-disk writer?


    Good shout, cheers.
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